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I am beyond Grateful for my life today Thank You Ronald "Ron" MacGregor

Ron dedicates his time solely to the pursuit of justice on behalf of Southern California criminal defendants, Ron has been representing these defendants exclusively for over 40 years. If you were arrested in Orange County, California, trust and believe me when I tell you that Ronald MacGregor is the ONLY one you want. He knows his material and has more knowledge, experience and success than any other Local Defense Attorney around. Just walk into any Orange County Court room and you will witness the profound respect shared by all, including those on the bench. I used drugs for 20 years without any legal consequences. By age 38 the severity of my disease had increased to an all time level. My addiction now included unlawful criminal behavior, to which finally landed me in orange county jail. In this single arrest, I was charged with multiple drug crimes and they were all felonies. They included: Sale of controlled substances, Possession for sale of controlled substances, Transportation of controlled substances, Possession for Use of controlled substances, and Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia. Ron's long time experience in the courtroom and his passion to help those struggling with the disease of addiction has served him and his clients well. I was looking at TEN YEARS prison, and he got my sentence reduced to 70 days in county with half-time served, 3 years probation, 6 months INPATIENT substance abuse treatment and 6 months OUTPATIENT substance abuse treatment. I successfully completed 3 years probation, I successfully completed 6 months inpatient treatment and 6 months outpatient treatment. In addition, I chose to live in a SOBER LIVING ENVIRONMENT for 9 months which was not required by the court. Today, I have 5 grateful YEARS of continuous sobriety. I have an amazing job that I love. I have the privilege of "getting to" go to work everyday. God allows me to work a Residential INPATIENT substance abuse treatment facility as an Admissions Counselor. Every single day that I wake up and open my eyes I am grateful. I am BEYOND grateful for Mr. Ronald MacGregor for understanding the disease of addiction and for convincing the judge to allow me a second chance at life.


Greatest Lawyer of All Time

I met this great Lawyer Mr. Ron McGregor when I was in court 5 years ago for my son. I was approached by another mother who was also in court for her daughter. She asked if I had representation and I did not. The lady started to say she was happy because the Lawyer she had was fantastic and he really went above and beyond and helped her daughters criminal case get resolved. The lady highly praised and recommended that I call Mr. McGregor. I took the card and called and I am so glad because my prayers have been answered. I met with him consulted and he took my sons case. Ron has represented my son to the highest. Ron McGregor is a God send. I appreciate his professionalism and integrity. He goes the extra mile to ensure each and every client is represented and treated fairly. I have knowm Mr. McGregor for 5 years and I am proud and glad to say he is a fantastic. Conscientious and wonderful respectful Lawyer to have representation for any case. You wil be treated respectfully and fairly. I am so glad and happy to have met and be representation by Mr. Ron McGregor. I pray and thank GOD everyday for sending Mr. McGregor to my rescue.

Peggy Heidelberg

Grateful Client

My son was in serious trouble. The lawyer we first hired was a family friend but did corporate law and was lost in a criminal case. My son was facing 4 years in jail and a slew of other punishments. My son found Ron and his partner and thank God he did. Ron managed to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, avoided any jail time and was there when we subsequently needed him. I can not recommend him too highly.

The GOD of attorneys......

I've used Ron as my criminal defence attorney for years. There was a time in my life that I did a lot of things that got me into trouble with the Orange County Courts & if it wasn't for Ron and his strong knowledge of the law and his ability to have charges changed to less of a offence or dropped all together I would have probable still been sitting in jail to this day.....but I'm not , because I had the best on my side...one time in particular that he had a sentence overturned after I'd already served 14 months of my 24 month sentence , Ron took me back to court to have me resentence and I was released that day !!. These are just a few reason why I call him the God of attorneys. Thanks Ron


OC Best Attorney

I have been a client of Mr. Ron Macgregors for awhile now. He's been an amazing person and very helpful with my case. He is very honest and upfront. He knows exactly what hes doing. I have complete trust & confidence in his abilities. I appreciate all the things he has done for my case

Anthony Vargas


Ron has represented our family
For over 25 years.
His expertise in criminal law is invaluable.
He will represent you with the utmost level of integrity.
He is forthright and will always be honest.